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It is a story with deep roots and a long family tradition that of the Ticino-based and family-run group WULLSCHLEGER GROUP.

Indeed, it was the year 1900 when Fritz Wullschleger bought a kiln in Noranco, launching himself into the pioneering world of brick production.
Due to the great mistrust of brick, which was less durable than the "mollone" from the Caprino quarries, the regional market did not absorb production; therefore, an interesting compromise of trading goods across the Gotthard was found: bricks versus lime and Portland cement from the Hürlimann cement plant in Brunnen. The first building materials trade in Ticino was thus created.

The then Bariffi & Co., later Bariffi & Wullschleger, grew from a sole proprietorship to a joint stock company, and soon a variety of materials used in construction were added to cement and bricks, a fact that enabled rapid development of the company's business.

After the difficult times of the two world wars, a period marked by strong construction, tourism and economic development followed.

In order to extend the business to the Sopraceneri as well, Olgiati Berta SA in Giubiasco, later transformed into Edilcentro SA, was purchased in 1947.

Later, in 1997, a merger with Bariffi & Wullschleger gave birth to EDILCENTRO WULLSCHLEGER, with headquarters in Via del Tiglio in Giubiasco and 7 outlets well spread over the canton: Chiggiogna, Biasca, Giubiasco, Losone, Noranco, Bioggio and Balerna.

In more than a century of history, the Wullschleger family has been able to constantly adapt to the needs of customers and technology, specializing in various market niches, thus giving rise to other companies viz: AGGLOMERATI DI CEMENTO with factories in Noranco and Giubiasco, SALA FERRAMENTA with 1 store in Biasca a Logistics-Commercial Center in Muzzano and 1 Safety Training Center in Noranco, INDUSTRIA TICINESE LATERIZI with headquarters in Balerna, GENIOMECCANICA of S. Antonino, STUDIO WULLSCHLEGER in Lugano, THERMOCENTRO SERVICE in S. Antonino and GENNY FACTORY also based in S. Antonino. All of these companies have been grouped under Wullschleger Group.

As of August 2020, Edilcentro Wullschleger SA implemented a merger with Ghielmimport SA and Taina SA, a union that led to the creation of Edilgroup SA, a new company, therefore, created to better meet the future challenges of the building supply market in Ticino.

First Bariffi and Wullschleger logos.
Historical photo of the Olgiati Berta store