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For the future... it seems almost obvious to say that "work is in progress"... in fact, everything always starts with an 'idea, a project, a construction site...!


Let's build real values together on the ground in harmony with technology, energy and ecology


  • Preserve and develop asset values by promoting environmentally friendly real estate projects
  • Constantly increase know-how and business organizations by enhancing group synergies and becoming a leader in the relevant market
  • Ensure consistently high quality business services
  • Continuously investing in research and development of new technologies, industries and products


The historical values that have characterized and enabled the group to surpass the century mark are:

  • Seriousness and professional honesty
  • Reliability
  • Long-term vision
  • Importance of collaborators

To which are added:

  • Innovative spirit
  • Respect for people and the environment