Edilgroup SA is now a reality!

As of August 17, 2020, our Edilcentro Wullschleger SA has become Edilgroup SA! Edilgroup SA is a new company born from the union of forces and intentions of Edilcentro Wullschleger SA, Ghielmimport SA and Taiana SA. This union, strengthened by a modern and forward-looking vision of the market, leads the new company to face with the ... Read more

Bricks and lintels for the Bern Musikhaus!

We are proud to have participated, with our company Agglomerati di Cemento, in this major redevelopment project that resulted in the transformation of the power plant, on the vonRoll site, into the Bern Musikhaus, a new training center for teachers in the field of music. The power plant building, dating back to 1910, has been recognized as an asset ... Read more

Geniomeccanica delivered to the City of Losone the first 100% electric sweeper in Ticino!

On Tuesday, June 19, our company Geniomeccanica SA consigned the first 100% electric sweeper in Canton Ticino! The pioneer municipality is the Municipality of Losone, which, already very sensitive to environmental issues, decided to focus on this machine as the first step in the renewal of the municipal vehicle fleet. Present at the handover were Fausto Fornera, ... Read more

Monica and Sara: internship final examination experts.

Education is the foundation of any modern society, which is why it is a pleasure to count among us two employees who have decided to put themselves in the front line for this good cause! We are talking about Monica Tapiletti, salesperson for Thermocentro, and Sara Perani, personnel officer for Wullschleger Group, is at ... Read more

The Ticino Rockets adventure continues!

The adventure of the Ticino Rockets boys continues! A little less than a month after their first entry in LNB we offer you some shots, proud to support this team that is showing great grit and passion! This is the debut year for them and it is not always so obvious to bring back a victory in front ... Read more

Wgroup sponsors the TICINO ROCKETS!

Wullschleger Group is proud to support the new Ticino team HCB TICINO ROCKETS! Why do we support this project? The reason is clear... we believe in young people and from the very beginning we decided to espouse this project that gives a chance to new talented hockey players who have decided to stay in Ticino or settle here for reasons ... Read more

Thank you SSAT for a wonderful Christmas dinner!

Appreciating oriental flavors at Christmas dinner2015

It took place on Friday, November 20, 2015, at the cafeteria of the Cantonal Institute of Economics and Commerce in Bellinzona, the Christmas dinner of Wullschleger Group! This year it was a very special dinner... in fact, the third-year students of the SSAT, Scuola Superiore Alberghiera e del Turismo, organized the whole event, ... Read more