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    A history that has deep roots and boasts a long family tradition

    In more than a century of history, the Wullschleger family has been able to constantly adapt to the needs of customers and technology, specializing in various market niches, thus giving rise to other companies that today are AGGLOMERATI DI CEMENTO with plants in Noranco and Giubiasco, SALA FERRAMENTA with 1 store in Biasca and the Safety Training Center in Noranco, INDUSTRIA TICINESE LATERIZI based in Balerna, GENIOMECCANICA of S. Antonino, STUDIO WULLSCHLEGER in Lugano, THERMOCENTRO SERVICE in S. Antonino and GENNY FACTORY also based in S. Antonino. All of these companies have been grouped under Wullschleger Group.

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